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Surge Tester ST 1800B

The absolute MUST for your windings



SPS Electronic Surge Tester ST 1800B

The absolute MUST for your windings

The surge voltage test is the only possibility to detect winding short circuits and insulation faults within a winding even before the fault affects the electrical specifications of the DUT. There is no other test method which detects whether the DUT has a pre-existing defect and a failure is the result. By the rapid connection of a charged capacitor to the coil under test the stored energy of the capacitor discharges into the inductor. This results in a sinus-like, damped oscillation. The frequency and the amplitude are typical for the DUT.

The surge tester ST 1800B has a memory for 360 DUTs. The device can be operated via an RS 232 interface in?connection with a PC. Thus an application within automatic?test systems and production lines is possible. The device?has an unbeatable price / performance ratio.

SPS Electronics ST 1800B method



  • With a programmable test voltage of 200 VDC ? 500 VDC a surge?voltage pulse is generated which does not damage the DUT due to?its low power
  • Partial discharges (corona) are shown very clearly by the high?sampling rate of 100 MHz. Thereby the quality of the insulation can?be determined qualitatively
  • The ST 1800B allows the testing of inductances of from about?10 ?H
  • All coils having a greater inductance can be tested with this device
  • Automatic evaluation of
    • error surface,
    • differenzial error surface,
    • corona quantity comparison,
    • corona frequency comparison
  • The ST 1800B evaluates on the basis of the established criteria and?shows the user a PASS / FAIL result. Thus the application of the?device is also possible in production areas with trained test?personnel


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