Automotive LED Lighting: Thermal CFD Simulation and Measurement Solutions for Enhanced Product Development

LED lighting thermal design is important to ensure light output performance and reliability – especially important as LED technology is more widely adopted due to its falling costs and advantages for future vehicle design styling and performance.

Introducing simulation and test solutions to enable faster development of reliable lighting products:

  • FloEFD, fully CAD-Embedded thermal CFD simulation to support decision making earlier in concept stages through to detailed design performance verification
  • T3Ster TeraLED, a test solution for accurate LED component thermal and optical characterization

Mentor Automotive system design innovation is driving the evolution of vehicle electrification

By 2040, it is projected that one in three cars sold will be electric. This means that current design challenges associated with electric vehicle (EV) development – reducing weight, improving thermal efficiency and optimizing motor design – will only increase in importance in the years ahead. Mentor Automotive provides a host of solutions today to improve EV performance and reliability.

Among the solutions highlighted in this video:

  • FloEFD and FloMASTER front-loads analysis earlier in the development process
  • MicReD Power Tester includes power semiconductor thermal reliability and lifetime testing
  • SystemVision enables motor drive optimization, control and power conversion modeling for a variety of drive cycles
  • Capital provides electrical system simulation and optimization for EV development, including mixed voltage design and safety simulation, and wiring harness weight reduction
  • XSe Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) diminished unwanted road noise while electronic sound synthesis (ESS) simulates engine noise to warn pedestrians and boost overall EV safety

See how Mentor Automotive system design innovation is driving the evolution of vehicle electrification.