Are Your PCB Design Tools up to Speed? (A Comparison)

Choosing a PCB design tool is a bit like buying a?car. You don?t do it every year. Your decision is
based on long-term value. You can?t afford for it?not to work, and you need to trust your dealer to
provide good service.

Getting stuck with a lemon is no one?s idea of a?good car deal, and it shouldn?t be acceptable for
PCB design tools either. Did your vendor hook you?with a great deal but then raise their prices year
after year? Did your vendor claim to handle?complex design challenges, but then leave you
with a product that runs out of steam or fails to?provide the technology you need? Are you
missing capabilities or being forced to rely on?third-party tools? It might be time to reconsider
your PCB design tool choice. Read this paper to?see how your tools stack up against the?competition

by Popnoy

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